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Hongkong International Terminals

The Hong Kong maritime industry has undergone tremendous change over the past few decades. We have seen new challenges, such as increasing competition from neighbouring ports, new cargo flows, digitalization, and the deployment of mega vessels by global shipping alliances.  

Undaunted, Hongkong International Terminals Limited (HIT), a member of Hutchison Port Holdings Trust (HPH Trust), has proactively responded to these tests to maintain the sustainable development of the Hong Kong Port.

The adoption of new technology is the key to operational excellence, and our remote-controlled rubber-tyred gantry cranes (“RTGC”) upgrade at HIT’s Terminal 9 North is a perfect example of how we constantly seek to scale new heights.  Riding on the success of the remote RTGC upgrades, we also converted the entire rail-mounted gantry crane fleet at Terminal 6 to remote-controlled operations, allowing us to deliver services more efficiently.

With the new system and monitoring equipment, operators now work in an office environment rather than high up in a crane cabin. As a result, both the working environment and industrial safety for operators have vastly improved. I am very proud of our project team who has worked so hard to accomplish this major milestone. This transformation has undoubtedly opened a new chapter in Hong Kong’s port industry.

We have been on the constant lookout for opportunities to develop new markets. We are exploring ways to expand the cargo catchment area to include south-western China, through the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor, by offering extensive network for barge, vessel and intermodal services. Our annual barge transshipment throughput topped 4.8 million TEUs – the largest in the Pearl River Delta. 

To succeed in what is an increasingly challenging market, I cannot over-stress the importance of innovation, versatility and bold action. In January 2019, HIT formed the Hong Kong Seaport Alliance (HKSPA) with three other container terminal operators at the Kwai Tsing container terminals, in a determined bid to enhance the regional competitiveness of the Hong Kong Port. 

A joint operating endeavour, HKSPA will enhance operational efficiency, resources utilisation and cost synergies. Specifically, the four alliance members will turn “terminal neutral” by sharing berths, cranes and yards.  With the combined terminal facilities, the Alliance will offer a total of 23 berths and is capable of accommodating eight mega-vessels over 18,000 TEUs simultaneously which enables us to capture a significant market share of mega-vessel traffic.

As we consolidate our strengths and leadership in the global shipping market, HIT will continue to invest in technology, facilities and talent. We shall continue to work doubly hard to achieve the continued vibrancy of the Hong Kong Port.

Leonard Fung
Managing Director
Hongkong International Terminals Limited