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Remote Operations System Improves Industrial Safety and Working Environment of Crane Operators
Demagnetizer Developed by HIT
Installation of Sensors and Newly-designed Accessories for the Remote Operations System
Challenges of the Installation of Remote Operations System
Remote Operations Project of HIT Container Terminal 9 North
Community Graffiti Day @ the Terminals
HIT Graffiti Workshop 2016
HIT’s Engineering Apprentice, Tang Siu Hin, Received Most Improved Trainees Award of YETP 2016
Go Green 2016
Start Your Journey @ Port Programme
2016 HIT Scholarship Award Presentation Ceremony
HIT Graffiti Workshop 2015
2015 HIT Scholarship Award Presentation Ceremony
HIT Family Day 2015
HIT Graffiti Workshop 2014
Janet Wong
A Glance at HIT - Hongkong International Terminals