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HIT Introduces New Incentive Programme
External Contractors Announce 10.1% Pay Raise
Article Date: 13/04/2014
  • 6% increase in basic salary from May and additional 4.1% in incentive income, totalling 10.1% increase in pay
  • Over 95% of external contractor workers are expected to receive 4.1% in incentive income
  • Over 95% of external contractor workers already consented to increase

[Hong Kong, 13 April 2014] Hongkong International Terminals Limited (HIT) announced today a new incentive programme will be introduced to share the fruits of economic success with workers in a bid to maintain the status of the Hong Kong port as a transhipment hub. 

HIT has also reached agreement with external contractors on service contracts for 2014-2015. External contractors have simultaneously announced a pay raise for workers amounting to 10.1%. The pay increase includes 6% in basic salary and an additional 4.1% in incentive income. The 6% raise in basic salary is higher than last year’s inflation rate of 4.3%.  

Under the incentive programme to be launched on 1 May, over 95% of workers who maintain their productivity at the same level as the second half of 2013 and work on their normal shifts will receive an incentive income equivalent to 4.1%. 

HIT has been notified by external contractors that, as of 12 noon today, over 95% of their workers had given written consent to the pay raise starting from 1 May. The level of increase was formulated after external contractors proactively listened to the views of workers and having taken into consideration factors including the overall economic situation, the rate of inflation, and the outlook of the industry and business goals. The raise was intended to provide external contractor workers with reasonable wages and steady employment and income, thereby enabling members of the industry to work together in maintaining the competitiveness of the port of Hong Kong.   

An HIT spokesperson said, “The Hong Kong port industry is facing fierce challenges as the Hong Kong port saw an overall drop of 3.6% in throughput in 2013 and HIT recorded a decline of 12% in throughput, the worst performance since the 2009 financial crisis. While business is expected to stabilise this year, HIT, external contractors and their workers are all in the same boat and must work together to reinvigorate industry competitiveness. The goal is to attract more business and share the fruits of economic success. 

HIT pointed out that the incentive programme is clear and transparent, with specific methods of calculation for each category of workers, regardless whether they are HIT staff or contractor workers. The company said it would closely monitor the operations of the external contractors and ensure that workers receive the pay increase as agreed with their employers.